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Meet Pic-To-Lamp, an all-new 3D Printed lamp that can be fully personalized online and printed on-demand. With Pic-To-Lamp, any picture can be turned into a lamp, so you never have to lose sight of your most precious memories. A day out with family or friends, that special moment shared with a loved one, fun times with your favourite pet, the map of a city you’re closely connected with, or a picture of a painting you really like? No matter what you decide your Pic-To-Lamp to look like, we transform your picture into a beautifully printed lamp, so that you only need to switch on the light to marvel at your memories like never before.

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How PrintPlace contributes to Future Space Missions

The University of Brussels’ (ULB) Microgravity Research Centre (MRC) and PrintPlace worked together on the 3D Design and 3D Printing of a custom lattice structure. This uniquely designed and printed part formed the core component of a research set-up for the enhancement of heat transfer processes in microgravity or weightless environments. The component passed rigorous testing and was eventually selected to fly on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) 73th Parabolic Flight Campaign. The MRC developed a research set-up existing out of an evaporation-condensation process, in which the condensates, which are otherwise prone to splitting under microgravity or weightless circumstances, are instead “trapped” and can be extracted back to the evaporator. One of the very few ways this “trap” could be realized, was to design and print a custom lattice structure, but the requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, thermal resistance and chemical compatibility were stellar. Together with MRC, PrintPlace set up a test campaign in which different lattice designs would be printed via different technologies in different materials in order to find the right combination. After narrowing down the possibilities to candidate components, MRC and PrintPlace cooperated to fine-tune the production and post-process in order to achieve the desired dimensional, thermal and chemical properties. The candidate components were exposed to several rigorous tests over extended periods of time and eventually one of the candidates passed and was selected to fly on the ESA’s 73th Parabolic Flight Campaign in November 2020.

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How PrintPlace contributes to Sustainable Mobility

The University of Brussels’ (VUB) Mobility, Logistics and Automotive Research Centre (MOBI) and PrintPlace worked together on the 3D Design and 3D Printing of custom frames to hold electric car battery packs. MOBI got in touch with PrintPlace in the framework of an innovative research project in which they are studying the performance of electric car battery packs while being exposed to air cooling on the one hand and liquid cooling on the other. The research set-up requires large, custom frames in which both the electric car battery packs and either the air cooling or liquid cooling components had to be mounted. MOBI got in touch with a number of potential partners, but eventually decided to cooperate with PrintPlace because of the dedicated, personal, hands-on approach. The custom frames were larger than the available build space, but this hurdle could be tackled by adapting the corresponding design. PrintPlace came up with clever design solutions where the frames would be subdivided in smaller, printable components, that could on their turn be assembled in a sufficiently rigid way. PrintPlace involved MOBI during both development as well as printing to make sure the frames would be delivered first time right. Thanks to Desktop 3D Printing, the custom frames could be realized both qualitatively and competitively. PrintPlace is excited that this project allows them to make a contribution to sustainable mobility!

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