How It All Started

A couple of years ago, Wesly Jacobs, Co-Founder of PrintPlace, started researching Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing as a Master Thesis subject within his studies of Commercial Engineering at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). Being so fascinated by the technology, Wesly quickly expanded his research from logistics to many other domains such as industry dynamics, industry players, equipment specifications, applications and much more. This research is continued to this day.

During his Master programme, and parrallel to his research, Wesly got the unique opportunity to develop a 3D Printing business plan. Consequently, Dimitri, Pieter and Tim joined him in order to develop the researchline and support the finances. Under guidance of experienced professors and entrepreneurs, the journey began. Now, after years of research, business modelling and consumer interaction, the PrintPlace business plan has been perfected and ready to be implemented. We do not aim to be the next 3D Printing hype, but we do aim to give consumers access to affordable, qualitative and simple personalisation.

The PrintPlace Vision

The Personalisation Location

Our vision is to leverage the possibilities of 3D Modelling and 3D Printing in order to give consumers, in the broadest of senses, access to affordable, qualitative and most of all simple personalisation.

We do this by pursuing three goals :

  • 1) Consumer 3D Printing : We give consumers access to a platform, a webstore, that allows for affordable, qualitative and simple personalisation.

  • 2) 3D Printing Trainings : We educate businesses and users about the possibilities of 3D Modelling and 3D Printing by offering trainings, presentations, consulting, etc.

  • 3) 3D Printing Research & Development : We get actively involved in 3D Modelling and 3D Printing R&D in order to optimise our products and services.

The PrintPlace Team


Wesly Jacobs

PrintPlace Co-FounderPrintPlace Leader

Tim Martens

PrintPlace Co-FounderFinance & Marketing

ir. Pieter De Backer

PrintPlace Co-FounderR&D & Product Development

ir. Dimitri Buytaert

PrintPlace Co-FounderR&D & Product Development

PrintPlace Partners

Supporting Starters

The road to creating a start-up is a hard one. Limited by both time and money, one has to bring together people to innovate and create something incrementally or entirely new. Research has to be done on several levels, ranging from market research to administrative research. Even after creating the company, it is often necessary to work hard to comply with all formalities and to make ends meet.

That's why we at PrintPlace engage ourselves to cooperate and support other start-ups nationally and internationally.

For example, when creating our website, we cooperated with Ruben Miessen, founder of the Belgian start-up ZetaPulse NV, and Sven Verleyen, founder of the Belgian Zitana and Kenian Sironka.